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Destination Sustainability was established with a purpose to bring about the sustainability thought and ideas, that is also found in the core values and ethics of the Omani culture, into the corporate, governmental and civil society perspective. We believe that all the current national, regional and international challenges can be addressed if we work on sustainability approach as the main catalyst to revitalise the economy, decentralise wealth and education to all levels of society, inspire a cohesive and collaborative community, and protect and see the value of our natural and cultural heritage.


Vision: Driving sustainability to boost Oman’s economy with prosperous communities and minimum adverse environmental impact.


  • To achieve sustainability thought and ideas, that is also found in the core values and ethics of the Omani culture, into the corporate, governmental and civil society perspective.
  • To empower our local partners through their Corporate Social Responsibility projects to act towards a more sustainable economy in Oman.
  • To carry out raising awareness sessions and talks about how can more sustainable economy achieved in Oman.
  • Implementing sustainability strategies for our partners aiming towards enabling small and medium businesses raising local talent growth, real employment and job creation in fields related to Oman’s current and future needs.
  • To influence systems and policies towards achieving sustainability in the country.


Shaima Murtadha Al Lawati

Founder and Managing Director, Destination: Sustainability
Senior sustainability and social responsibility advisor

Shaima is a pioneer and thought leader, a dynamic, self-starter, expert and innovator in corporate social responsibility and sustainability with over a decade of experience across a wide spectrum of industries in Oman working with leading companies and governments. Shaima has initiated and led successful sustainable and social projects roles in multinational organisations, established CSR departments, and taken over leadership of organisations in need of direction and support. Shaima is the founder of Sustainable Square Oman (2015 – 2017).

She has mixed experience in implementing, managing and evaluating CSR projects in partnership with government, private and civil society sectors. Her experienced areas include stakeholder engagement, women entrepreneurship, and business responsibility. She graduated from University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, with a degree in Physics and pursued a career in Sustainability, Corporate Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility. She is also passionate about linking sustainability to corporate brand identity, vision, mission and direction.

She holds two post graduate certificates from University of Cambridge, United Kingdom; one in sustainable business and the other in cross sector partnership. Shaima worked in different organizations throughout the 16 years. She worked in Intilaaqah Oman, Shell, BankMuscat, Vale and Oman Road Safety Association. She has worked on developing sustainability strategies and programmes for various industries, such as: BankMuscat (SMEs Program for Omanis in Agriculture Sector) and Vale Oman (Establishing Sustainability and CSR in the organisation).

She led the first SROI report in Oman. She managed research programme and authored research report to demonstrate the social value generated of community development work through SROI analysis for three report in Oman so far (of the following companies: Omran, OMIFCO and Petroleum Development Oman).

Shaima carries a certification in GRI Reporting from Global Reporting Initiative and another certificate in Social Return on Investment (SROI) from Social Value UK. Shaima is currently the Founder and Managing Director of Destination Sustainability – a personlised consultancy firm in Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility. She is a vice chairperson of Oman Road Safety Association and a member of judging Panel of Royal Oman Police Road Safety Awards. Shaima has recently won the First Prize of Al wathbah Businesswomen’s Awards 2016.

Having been trained to look at many different aspects of social responsibility and sustainability, Shaima knows that sustainability means long term planning and management and that experience and understanding of diverse cultures and environments is a fundamental part of any business or project. She has furthered this understanding through training and work.


Destination Sustainability solutions serve a wide range of industries.

  • Financial

  • Road Safety

  • Government

  • Private Sector

  • SMEs

  • Civil Society

  • Energy, Oil and Gas

  • Education

  • Telecommunications

  • Tourism, Hospitality and Travel

  • Logistics

  • Healthcare

  • Green Economy

  • Culture and Heritage