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Research and Interchange

  • Research and innovation in Sustainable and Regenerative Development
  • Ecologically-conscious, culturally-sensitive and ethically-responsible community research
  • Integrated three bottom line (economic, social and environment) bespoke research
  • Cross-disciplinary and cross-organisational collaborative opportunities
  • Continual research in Stakeholder and Community Engagement understanding
  • International knowledge and consultancies network access

Strategy and Policy

  • Whole Systems Thinking consultation and implementation
  • Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility strategy and policy development
  • High-level Sustainable Development strategic direction
  • Sustainable Management policy development and integration
  • Responsible Supply Chain policy development, enhancing In Country Value (ICV) opportunities
  • Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation policy development

Management and Training

  • Project management Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes
  • Direction in Effective Communications and Positioning
  • Social Responsibility Assessment and Social Return on Investment (SROI) training
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Community Needs Assessment training
  • CSR proposal and communication training (for non-profit organisations and civil groups)

Assessment and Evaluation

  • Extensive Community Needs Assessment and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Social Responsibility programmes analysis and evaluation
  • Social Impact Measurement on Corporate Social Responsibility programmes
  • Social Return on Investment (SROI) Forecast and Evaluation
  • Corporate Sustainability Reporting (Using GRI Standards)
  • Social Responsibility Annual Reports development