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For us, sustainability means providing professional support to our partners to boost Oman’s economy with prosperous communities and minimum adverse environmental impact.  Sustainability is essential to the longevity of any project (considering the three pillars of a successful project which are economic, social and environmental pillars).

  • Our approach in assisting our partners to achieving sustainability across their business activities is through:
  1. Running a responsible and profitable business
  • Being profitable is the main reason behind any business. However, to achieve sustainability in business, it requires having professional global standards, processes and tools in place to manage business governance, compliance, performance, and other aspects. Where possible, business to avoid and minimise adverse environmental and social impacts of their operations. We assist our partners to develop strategies towards achieving sustainability of their business and also report on their performance as this is believed to be one of the tools to drive sustainability in any business.
  1. Sharing wider benefits with communities where they operate
  • All businesses are planned for the long term, which means they become part of the community they operate in and serve. We help our partners to develop local economies by creating jobs, sourcing from local suppliers, and paying taxes and royalties. We assist our partners to support community through their Corporate Social Responsibility projects that are developed from the essential needs of the local communities.
  1. Minimising any negative effect on environment where they operate
  • We advocate government, business, and civil society working together to better shape a more sustainable future in Oman.